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The big river hero says:"The second choice is that you continues to hold hostage, then is polished off by the armed helicopter.Had no you, we were similar to find out your unmanned machine in the bottom of sea, then got in of high technology.The only differentiation be, the first choice, you may live a life, and then 1 kind probably, you will definitely die."
The Yan flies to escort hostage and thought for a while and pushed hostage to return to the big river hero.
Once the big river hero applause and say:"Cleverness, the only intelligent talented person can live longerly.But you now nobody in the hand, you not afraid does the helicopter polish off you right away?"
The Yan flies to say:"Polished off me, you could not got the secret of unmanned machine any further.The unmanned machine is so severe, you think does it also let your insularity study together after being got by the rice the people?So you if want to get the secret of unmanned machine, can from I here, I am your only hope."
The big river hero is one Zheng, have never thought Yan to fly to see thus and clearly, on the his hand an earthquake, throw that hostage in the rear, turn head to say:"You stand far point, I want to die to fight with him, you who also forbid assistant."
The Yan flies to looking at to slowly approach of big river hero, feel opponent of strong, fight an idea surging in his heart, last time while being evil all, the big river hero raid came in, oneself at the right moment lost fighting strength, canned looking at big river hero overbearing, finally can again face big river hero today, big river hero although the real strenght is violent, wholesale Plantation shutters he also not is have no one before snow the opportunity of disgrace.
The big river hero is suddenly strange to call a , the facing Yan flies blunt come over, on kicking, the Yan flies by hand one file, immediately feel a to strongly hit his/her own body up, body involuntarily of countermarch, continue to withdraw more than ten rices far.
A recruit under, the Yan flew and then tried the strength of the big river hero, he is on the strength now the opponent of not just big river hero.Once the big river hero recruit successful, as if immediately pretty the cow similar facing Yan run very fast to come over and incredibly run the voice that bombs Long Long and be like one row train, the vehemence is hundred percent.
The Yan flies not to dare hard answer, a fall turns over, jump up a big tree, when he wants to carry on an attack, after carry on the back a cool, a needle tube suddenly appears to carry on the back after his up, then the liquid in the needle tube injects into his body.
The Yan flies to stretch hand a to touch, from carry on the back to pull the next needle tube behind.Have a fit in his heart, malicious throw the needle tube to the flank of under the overhanging cliff.
The big river hero of underneath roars with laughter and says:"Do you think that I really duel with you?It is really a fool.I am just responsible for the attention that draws on you, our cutthroat Mao at you is after death.Have already won anaesthesia needle on your body, soon meeting personnel not province, you are to escape however my palm heart."
The Yan flies to say:"You insularity isn't the person the honor that pays attention to a warrior, like most to pick with others' list?"
The big river hero disdains of looking at Yan to fly, say:"Another the fool that is harmed by showbiz work and novel poison, my advantage is in the hand, why want to pick with your list?In case of you sudden microcosm outbreak, I not is do which only causes trouble.The boy remembered, not war but bend the person's soldier, is the best plan in the art of war."
Yan's flying is just thinking a way, the unmanned machine divides timed there and then suddenly spread dangerous signal, originally at two escort a warship of match to round under, unmanned machine's dividing time is finally surrounded by them at a districts of narrowness, the deep water bomb has already started a flank the explosion is at the unmanned machine and make the unmanned machine machine body appear one silk fracture.
But the unmanned machine get hurt, again the embodiment flies an essence in the Yan up, make the strength in his body quickly disappear.The Yan flies to suddenly jump down big tree, facing the big river hero is blunt in the past, big river hero 1 avoids being seen, averted from Yan to fly, but the Yan fly to seem to have a foothold unsteady appearance and incredibly hurtle to in the overhanging cliff side of flank.Then the Yan fly on the body on exploring and incredibly appear a huge cape without basis, he covers with this cape on the body, will start downwards jumping.
The big river hero gets a shock and has never thoughts Yan to fly rather and jump an overhanging cliff also not to want to be held tight by oneself, he is a vigorous in steps, will hold tight Yan to fly, while the Yan fly forward on jumping, jump down overhanging cliff. wooden shutters blinds
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Oval windows, sometimes called oval windows, are a great addition to any home façade. When these shaped windows end up in the closet area (related to fading clothes) or the bathroom (usually in a powder bathroom), they usually need to be treated as usual.
Here is a recent enquiry we received about oval windows and our response to our customers:
Customer requirements-Hello. I have an oval bathroom window. I'm looking for shutters. The window height is 30 inches and the window width is 40-1 / 2 inches. I'm not sure if I like fan-shaped or horizontal shutters, but I want to find someone to contact me to see what you can do.
Our response-Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Oval shutters are one of the most beautiful shutters we make. There are several things you may remember about your preferences.
As a carpenter, I look at features first. Due to the shape of the shutters and the way they interact with the shapes, the horizontal shutter panels should allow more overall direct light (or sight) to the outside. We carved the rear edges of the blinds so that they could open 90 degrees. There will be a slight "glue" sheet (usually no more than 1/2 the width of the blinds) as a light stop at the top and bottom. This means that when the blinds are fully open, the top and bottom are oval, with a slight "flat" appearance. Most of the ovals we see are taller than wide. In your case, horizontal blinds will add a little to your cost as they exceed our recommended maximum width. However, we can place the blinds vertically. They are either close to the left or close to the right, depending on how you installed them, and then open 90 degrees. If your perception of the outside world (or the greatest natural light comes in) is your goal, I will choose either.
On the other hand, all the fan-shaped shutters radiate outward from the central oval wheel hub, and have good visual appeal from the inside and outside, but the operation of the Plantation shutters is more limited. If you look at the windows like a clock, the blinds at 12, 3, 6 and 9 are almost completely open. The shutters at 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, and 10:30 couldn't open far. Within the parameters I mentioned, all shutters work independently. This may be better if you want indirect natural light, or if you have a lower perspective on the outside world than stars. Again, as a carpenter, I think this option is the prettiest, reflecting the structure of the window itself in the best way, but not as practical as the horizontal / vertical option. Anyway, I need an open template to build it.
Customer's answer-After reading your answer, I realized that my height and width are reversed, so our height is higher than the width, as you pointed out, this is normal. Can tracked window frames be used as templates?
goodwood Response-You know, what I really like to make custom shutters is, even after working at goodwood for almost 19 years, I still haven't seen it all, because many architects / designers / window manufacturers / contractors like themselves "Signature" design. Although I see that some eggs are wider than tall, most are indeed taller than wide ... I think I will mention it because it may affect pricing. Otherwise, there is no difference in cost between the two options.
Tracking the openings is fine. Most of our window handling experts do it on "butcher paper", roll it up, and mail it over by mail. Some people do their tracking, transfer it to cardboard, put the cardboard in the window for verification, and then send it (cardboard) to us. If you stick the template together and fold it up, you're done. We've even seen templates for Sunday comics!
Comments on fan shutters. Have you noticed the size of the hub (center circle)? At Goodwood, we maintain a certain proportion based on the size of your window opening to complement your windows. There are no shortcuts here ... Of course this requires more work and more shutter molding by hand, but it is worth it in the finished look.
Exterior shutters are a small part of what we do, but sometimes someone wants a plantation-style exterior shutter and turns to Goodwood to help their project.
The exterior or interior levels of the plantation shutters seem a bit confusing, so here is a brief explanation of what to look for in an external shutter.
Type of wood-The time-tested exterior blinds are made of western red cedar, cypress (pecky or clear) or mahogany. These woods naturally repel water and insects, making them the most durable and durable option. Not to mention the handmade mahogany shutters!
Fasteners and glue-Make sure the manufacturer uses external glue and stainless steel nails (available on removable shutters). Otherwise, the joints of the blinds will fail and the fasteners will quickly rust. This is especially true if your home is near the ocean air, as salt is highly corrosive.
Finish: High-quality marine finish is recommended. A good finish will protect your purchases, so don't skimp on this. Goodwood's blinds for external engineering can be ordered for marine finishes or raw blinds, and you can buy the finishes yourself.
Even if done well, maintenance is required. Your blinds should add a new protective suit every few years. It depends on your climate and how often they are exposed to various environments. It's a good idea to check them every year for signs of damage.
Below are some photos of the exterior shutters we built for a home in Florida.
Plantation shutters can also often be used as interior doors and partitions. This is especially true in commercial applications. The main reason shutter doors are often used is to provide privacy or to create a clear space and still allow air to flow. Dressing rooms and bathroom cubicles are areas where you might often see shutter doors in commercial buildings.
In residential applications, these are often seen as closets, toilets or doors between rooms. . Kitchen to dining room.
Important things to know when using blinds as doors −
1) Consider the depth ~ If the door enters the door side pillar opening, pay attention to the depth of the door side pillar. For toilet or closet doors, standard shutter depths are usually sufficient (goodwood standard depth is 1 1 / 4〃), but standard interior doors are usually 1 3 / 4〃. Be sure to choose a manufacturer that can provide this custom depth (Goodwood can, and often does shutters of this depth)
2) Think about the design ~ Is the appearance of a standard shutter effective? Many plantation shutter manufacturers use derailed structures. This means that the track (horizontal solid member) is deeper than the ladder beam (vertical side member) of the shutter. The door usually has a flush step and track configuration (all depths are the same). If this is your preference, be sure to specify it.
3) Blinds ~ Fixed blinds are most commonly used for shutter doors. Especially in commercial applications. However, if you are purchasing a residential door, consider using a standard shutter configuration (with shutters and tilting rods that allow the shutters to move). You can simply tighten the tension screws to keep the slats at the angle you like. Any blind provided by the blind manufacturer can be used for blind doors. The most common sizes are 17 / 8〃, 2 1 / 2〃, and 3 1 / 2〃.
4) Roller shutter hardware ~ hinge- One of Goodwood's roller shutter standard configuration is 3〃butt hinge. Each manufacturer may provide slightly different hinges, so be sure to ask. This will work for standard gate configurations. If you need a special hinge, such as a through door that needs to be rotated 180 degrees, be sure to open it when you specify the shutter. It does affect the shutter size you complete. Handle / Knob-Most shutter manufacturers (including goodwood) do not provide handles and knobs. These can be easily applied from your local hardware store and after installation. However, you may want to discuss your plan with the salesperson so that he / she can increase the width of the ladder (vertical side beam) to fit your hardware plan. For example, the goodwood standard step width is 2 1 / 8〃. On request, it can be specified as 2 1 / 2〃 without additional charge.
This short blog is by no means exploring every option when ordering custom shutters from Goodwood. Below are some pictures of the shutters used as doors. If you have special requirements, please call us and we will make every effort to meet your needs. wooden shutters blinds
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Farewell to the desire for the past decade, we now welcome 2020 and everything it can offer. The topic of interior design masters has shifted to what home decoration will bring in the next

few years, and how they predict that our home cave will change.
When interior design is leading the minds of many of our customers, and when we choose all the details of their beautiful new shutters, our Plantation Blinds Ltd believes that providing

some insights on this may be useful.
You'nique has made a comeback in this decade because it focuses on personal expression, rather than following fashion-driven design.
Forbes contributor Amanda Lauren quotes Hagrid and West co-founder Christina Coop in her predictive trend article, which we ca n’t say Better; "People are designing their homes to reflect

their personalities and create spaces to tell their own stories. What makes you truly happy is more important than what you see in magazines or social media. We tend to It's no secret that

people seek comfort in the public. It is relevant to follow the trend, but don't be afraid to continue to let your home decoration reflect you and your family in this decade. This unique

expression may come from Bold choice of furniture, color or lighting. We recommend neutral shades to provide privacy and light control while making these statements glow.
This is especially common for those who want to use their home space as a multifunctional area-a home gym / game room / game room / living room is rolled into a large stamp with "you" on

it, which It takes some careful planning, but it can really change your space.
Make time for lasting style
As the importance of being responsible for the environment continues to grow during this decade, the responsibility to make lifestyle choices that reflect this will become more common and

an important driver for most people. Therefore, it is not surprising that "fast fashion furniture" has been released. The sustainable development trend is huge in 2019, because we posted

the A / W trend of 2019 on our blog, and the next ten years will see the continuation of these sustainable source interiors.
Making a long-term investment in quality furniture that can grow with you and your home is just one way to reduce waste and provide your home with durable luxury goods. Replace tired

curtains and blinds with internal blinds to provide durable quality in a timeless, sleek design. You can see our commitment to environmental responsibility on our environment page.
Try a vegetarian diet or a long-term conversion? Vegetarian-friendly furniture is one of the things worth noting in this decade, you can browse Goodwood or check out our blog post "Is

Vegetarian Decoration on the Rise?"
Get closer to nature
More and more people are choosing to bring the countryside to their London residence. Enjoying the comfort of these villages is a trend and will continue to move forward.
The most obvious source of inspiration for this country is the growing trend of growing plants at home. Ecowatch.com lists the benefits of this measure, including improved mental health,

productivity and air quality.
Bringing this country into your home is not exclusive to the use of plants, although Rebecca Breslin, a Louis professional, said: "This trend is about mixed models, antiques and new DeCor,

and the use of plants and low-key masters to the countryside pay tribute."
Ideal home has previously provided guidance on introducing a rustic style, including using vintage appliances, using warm woods throughout the home, and (our favorite) adding shutters to

the windows. Wallboards, buckles and baskets can also be a popular and stylish country in addition to your home.
Bold is the best
When you gradually enter self-expression through the use of color, don't be afraid to sneak into bolder colors and designs at home. Idealhome.co.uk recommends expressing bold color choices

through "cushions, duvet covers, personalized rugs, and wallpaper designs."
Choose these loud colors to encourage your window treatment blocks or mute colors to dazzle these eye-catching trays. Why not take a look at our color collection and see how your plantation

shutters can combine your interiors to add warmth to your room this winter?
Green is good
Turning attention to 2020 and this year, everyone has a color on their brains, lips, and swatches. green.
After Dulux announced its 2020 color as "Quiet Dawn", this already popular interior color choice gained momentum.
Interior designer Melanie Lissack predicted in her blog that green will occupy a significant place in 2020, with noteworthy uses in units, doors and decorations throughout the home. http://www.chinagoodwood.com
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Testers found that the silicone mask did not emit an unpleasant odor, but Honeywell's 770030L and 550030M masks did. The sturdy and comfortable quick-lock downward exhalation valve can also prevent foggy glasses.
Several testers found that the respirator was too tightly fixed on their face and pulled their hair. A tester pointed out that this model can be used with their glasses, but will push their glasses "slightly" upward. Neither criticism is unique to this half-face mask.
Disposable protective mask
Our previously recommended 3M Aura 9211+ particulate respirator version, our emergency preparation supplies and fault bag guide. It is still a low-cost, easy-to-use respirator. However, in our panel test in 2019, we found that its folding structure is not as intuitive as the ready-to-wear 8516. Some testers found that 9211+ masks with fixed staples stuck into their cheeks. However, if the price is a big problem for you, then Aura 9211+ is a good emergency equipment.
Although the 3M particulate protective mask 8293p100 has a very strong strap, most members of our test team do not know how to pass through the plastic regulator. This model is not compatible with glasses.
Although a tester wearing glasses tested the 3M R9211-10 particulate protective mask better, some complained that the mask was itchy and had a rubbery smell. This mask is a bit cheaper than 3M's Aura 9211+, and in our tests, its overall score was higher. If price is your main consideration, this mask is another good emergency kit.
The 3M particle mask 8210V N95 is almost the same as our recommended 8516 mask, but with a thinner rubber band.
We did not test the 3M particle mask 8511PB1 because it is almost the same as our choice. We tried 8516, because 3M recommends this model specifically for "high temperature, humidity and long wear" working environment.
Testers gave the highest evaluation of the ease of installation of Honeywell's Sperian Safety-t-Fit Plus N95 disposable respiratory mask (with exhalation valve RWS-54006), but did not like its thin rubber band.
Honeywell North Sperian 14110445 One-Fit N95 type valve-cup masks are used with glasses and have a larger nose area than 3M 8516. However, it lacks an adjustable nose clip, so it is more difficult to wear tightly.
Although we like the interesting patterns and appearance of the popular Vogmask mode, they are not NIOSH approved, although the company claims that these masks "conform to the NIOSH standard." "They have been certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea. We have also disqualified from reporting masks to me because they have not been approved by NIOSH. We hope to test the masks of these two companies in the future if their approval The state changes.
Half-facepiece respirator
The 3M Medium Half Facepiece reusable respirator 7502/37082 (AAD) is structurally similar to a sturdy and comfortable quick lock, but lacks the "fast lock" mechanism that our testers found useful. Both 3M model filter elements are compatible with filters of different NIOSH grades such as 3M brand N95 or P100.
Of all the masks we tested, the GVS SPR457 Elipse P100 half-mask mask scored the highest in terms of ease of use, comfort, and construction quality. However, its strap is not as secure as the strap on the sturdy and comfortable quick latch, so it is difficult to find the SPR457 Elipse online in this article. This mask comes ready to wear replaceable P100 filters, but it only works with those specific filters. We prefer the versatility of a sturdy and comfortable quick lock, as well as other 3M and Honeywell masks we considered, which allow you to connect a range of protective filters and ink cartridges.
More than half of the testers complained that Honeywell Northern Safety 770030L 7700 series silicone half mask respirator emits an unpleasant smell. Compared with the durable Quick Latch or SPR457 Elipse, its safety and comfort are not as good as the latter. Our team members also pointed out that Honeywell North 550030M half-mask respirator is less safe to install and has a lower manufacturing cost than a sturdy and comfortable quick lock. Like 3M masks, Honeywell masks also have "bayonet" connectors, but the Honeywell models we tested are only suitable for the 7700 series of adaptive filters and ink cartridges. Wholesale Protective Suit
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"Due to the smoke from wildfires, many areas of California are experiencing dangerous air quality. In extreme air events, there are several ways to protect our lungs. When you are in a local wildfire or other extreme air events When you go out, you will see people use many different methods to deal with dirty air, from headscarves to gas masks to ubiquitous N95 hardware store masks. N95 masks provide the lowest level of protection against smoke and air pollution.
Here is a brief look at each mask type and how to find out which one is best for you. Be sure to follow the advice of health and safety experts.
What are the different types of protective masks?
The degree of protection you get from a mask will depend on what type of mask you are using.
Surgical masks. This is a thin piece of paper or fabric that spans loosely across the nose and mouth. They are not used to filter anything in the air. Instead, they prevent droplets from entering or leaving the mouth and nose. They are really just to ensure that the infection does not spread between patients and caregivers or medical staff.
Respirator. A respirator is a device that forms a seal around the mouth to protect you from the particles floating in the air. Their main role is to prevent small particles from entering the lungs through the mouth or nose. The dome, mostly made of fiber fabric, is tightly wrapped around the mouth and nose. N95 is a gas mask.
Gas mask. A gas mask is a type of respirator, but it contains filter media that can block not only particles but also different gases. The user's own breath is used to draw in air through the filter media. Gas masks usually have filter cartridges that must be replaced when they are full of toxins.
Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR). This is a lot like a gas mask, except it has a battery running fan that pushes air through the filter cartridge. If you have restricted breathing, a PAPR is a better option than a standard gas mask to prevent inappropriate pressure on the lungs.
Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). SCBA is an expensive and bulky device that provides oxygen and is only used by professionals such as firefighters when entering oxygen-poor areas. It requires a very heavy oxygen tank (at least 30 pounds), so it is not suitable for anyone who has not been trained to carry and use.
How to choose the mask that suits you best?
To protect your lungs from wildfire smoke or other extreme air events, here are some things you can consider when choosing a mask:
First of all, here are the things you should avoid: the upper part of the surgical mask, headscarf, or sweater is not enough to resist toxins in the air. Particles of smoke, dust and other unhealthy substances can easily bypass these poor sealing devices https://www.maskwholesales.com/wholesal ... rator.html .
N-95 masks
For most people who care about keeping their lungs healthy during extreme air events, particulate masks are usually the best choice. However, getting an appropriate rating is particularly important.
N95 is the most common gas mask and is usually sufficient. "95" means that the mask can filter out 95% of 0.3 micron particles. Some masks may be rated N99 or even N100, which means they can filter 99% and 99.97% of masks, respectively. The letter part of the rating is less important because it refers to the ability of the mask to resist oily liquids that may splash on the mask, such as blood or car fluids, which may splash on the mask in a professional environment https://www.maskwholesales.com/disposab ... -mask.html . "
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Strange talk's way:"The function of this biggest thing is to is a catalyst use, in the product as long as joining is a little amount of black powder come as a catalyst, so the function of this product will take place to change and promote very greatly.So its use is very extensive, I have already pushed to play in science and technology system in once carried on to push to play to its use, discovered 128,000 kinds of uses as a result."
"Most important of BE, this kind of black powder has extremely high heat-proof, with the equipments of our laboratory, can not also discover how much degree its melting point is, but absolute above ten thousand Celsius degrees.So this kind of black powder joins, can significantly promote the heat-proof of material.We have already done an experiment, the common heat-proof material after joining little by little black powder will be able to resist the heat of 6500 Celsius degrees.Is also say, the heat-proof material that I before request has been already found out."
The Yan flies one Leng and unexpectedly constitute the chemical element of black ball incredibly thus strong, and still have so many uses, even connect to let the heat-proof material that he has a headache to also solve.He says:"Words like this, that super pit electricity stands didn't have no obstacle?"
Strange talk's way:"After, the calculation that pushes to play system after science and technology's design existence is some problems before I discover I, so did some modifications to previous that design plantation shutters, then let to lend support to a Zhi brain to do to push to play further, result have to the most perfect design project.Of so this project is so quick drive system to push a performance, is because I join the reason of black powder in the material.Afterwards I just discover, there is a big loophole in my previous design, however after the black powder added into, that loophole is thoroughly blocked up ascend."
The Yan flies this to just thoroughly trust, however he worries right away again and asks a way:"Build a pit electricity station to need how many black powders?"
Black ball although as heavy as 3,140,000 tons, but is currently on the earth the only an of detection.Once use up and have no, so the Yan flies to also want to economize an use, in case so quick use up, after all Yang Qi once said as well its use is very extensive.
Yang Qi has already passed science and technology to push to play system to carry on pushing to play, so the in the mind early has a related data.He says:"This kind of black powder is in fact a kind of all new chemical element, line up on the periodic table of elements at very behind of position up, should be produced to extreme ephemeris collision in.But its existence again not with the form of compound, but pure chemical element existence.In 100 ton materials as long as joining a gram of chemical element like this, can thoroughly change its physical characteristic.After my calculation, build a super pit electricity station to need 50 kilograms this kind of chemical element."
On listenning to Yang Qi's words, the Yan flies long long breath a sigh of relief, the density of black powder comes to a 100 tons/sign square rice.Is also say, 50 kilograms just equal 05 sign a square cent rice.To 3,140,000 tons of black ball total quality, basically insignificant.Change a super pit electricity station by so little black powder, very worthwhile.
Hence the Yan flies to say:"No problem, I will take out the black powder of 50 kilograms to used for an equipments to process."
Strange talk's way:"This kind of black powder is a kind of all new chemical element Wholesale plantation shutters, always call°as black powder it and be unsuited to proper, so you or to it assign name to for a while!"
Fantasy for a while, say:" Call its money!The form of address like this can't expose its use, the outsider doesn't know that it exactly is what mean as well."
Strange talk's way:"Is all right, I hereafter call its money."
The Yan flies to say:"Now that super pit electricity station of the design had no problem, that can we build a pit electricity to stand?"
Yang Qi shakes head a way:"Do not go, the super pit electricity stands of ex- expect to prepare to work to be quite a few, and not only design it can with the gave birth to.First, you have to make sure a constructing of super pit electricity station place, because this super pit give or get an electric shock a station is sweep and safety, so don't need to build it to the deserted place.This is the pit electricity station structure that I design diagram, you can take a look first."
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The "fantasy" closed a bbc official site first, then linked the official site of felling Times in country Paris.Is different from the interface of previous bbc, what to appear is French news and picture on the big screen this time."
The Yan flies to say:"Translate all of the contentses that this website show into Chinese."
There is previous experience, this"fantasy" directly Parisian all of the contents of the Times translate Chinese, the picture being an inside is also similar.There is the translation of Chinese, everyone is the contents that easily attended to understand Times news in Paris page very much.These are old total in understand English much, but understand French of seldom, see the Yan fly confident appearance, know that the fantasy is very accurate to the translation of French.
The Yan flies to say:"Our speech assistant not only can on-line translation English, can also translate French.In addition, it can also translate a German, idea foolish benefit text, the troupe tooth text, grape text and sum Luo the cultured and cold text, Japan, and Arabic language...etc. are ten kinds of languages.Connect down, I will show for everyone one by one playing."
In next time in, the Yan flew exploitation"fantasy" to order to open respectively the other is eight medium websites of nations in the world, the "fantasy" is to translate different language into Chinese very easily each time, made a show of the highest on-line translation ability.
Under these old total witnesses, the speech assistant proved its on-line translation ability and also formally announced:Since today, all foreign languages studied to all have no necessity to exist in the world, the mankind's language civilization will welcome a huge change, close behind since then of, is huge social change.
The Yan flies the strong web page of displaying the "fantasy" translation ability, he says:"Possible someone wants to ask, I want to see a video frequency, but video frequency the inside is a foreign language how do?"
The beard always curiously asks a way:"The speech assistant's ability translate a foreign language video frequency also super become Chinese?"
The Yan flies to say:"You can carry on a translation, we might as well come first to do an experiment.It is dreamlike, open a youtube official site for me."
Under the "fantasy" operation, appeared a youtube website on the cellular phone screen, the inside is a great deal of video frequency contents.The Yan flew to see for a while and said:"Is dreamlike, broadcast a documentary film for me permafrost origins."
Under the "fantasy" operation, permafrost origins beginning broadcasts, however this all of the documentary films are English to explains, and have no sub-title, if don't acquaint with to English, basically don't understand exactly Be speaking what.
The Yan flies to say:"Is dreamlike, stop to broadcast a video frequency, please go together with Chinese sub-title for the dialogue in the video frequency."
The fantasy says:"Invite the standard of setting Chinese sub-title."
The Yan flies to say:"According to I the view shadow in normal times love to establish Chinese sub-title."
Everyone sees the video frequency on the screen grind to a stop for a minute, then the video frequency again open, discover a video frequency most under to appear Chinese sub-title.This inside writing act is the esthetic sense that matches everyone very much, and it to inside the introductive translation is very accurate.This video frequency length comes to a for two hours, the speech assistant just spends for a minute, the translation of inside all completion, and go together with good Chinese sub-title.
The Yan flies to say:"The speech assistant just carried on to this video frequency of Chinese sub-title processing is in fact its first-time processing for this video frequency, so needed to be consumed for a little times.But as long as after this video frequency be translated, its translation data will keep in the high in the clouds.If behind of the customer want to be watching this video frequency, want ~only choice Chinese sub-title, previous of the translation data will be loaded in from the high in the clouds, ability at moment see English sub-title."
The speech assistant's this video frequency translation function is equally very violent, as long as having this function, hereafter on the network, those would be thoroughly unemployed, because the speech assistant's translation is faster and more accurate than them, also more easily comprehend.
Want to know even if is an experienced and professional translation talented person, want to perfectly translate a movie, also need very long period of time.Unexpectedly speech assistant incredibly at a minute time in can finish translating a minister to reach to movie for two hour, and the contents has no the slightest deviation, this very terror.
The beard always asks a way again:"If I am watching a video frequency live, broadcast live an inside also ability drive solid translate"
The Yan flies to say:"Now present technique, can not also attain and live of talk speed similar of solid translation, because his words didn't finish saying, no one will know the meaning that he wants to express exactly is what.However our speech the assistant can delay this translation time shorten to 3 seconds in.But 3 seconds, live of ex- a words have been already finished saying, the speech assistant knows his words is what mean, nature can carry on to it solid translation."
Simultaneous interpretation while being solid returns no one to can make to get in the world.But pass the explanation that the Yan flies, everyone equally knew the speech assistant's terrible place.Although the speech assistant can not also carry out real live solid translate, this translation speed also very severe, basically can't influence everyone to broadcast live a contents of solid listen to.
The Yan flies to say:"Speech assistant of solid the translation function still have a lot, everyone hereafter oneself can experience personally, I am different on giving unnecessary details here, connecting down me has to introduce the speech assistant's safe function."
Everyone a surprised, they originally had already felt the speech assistant's function being enough many, but having never thoughting a speech assistant to still have safe function and hurriedly and cautiously listen.
The Yan flies to say:"In two main systems of intelligence cellular phone, the ios of even fruit the closing of system plus to on-the-shelfly and strictly examine to the software, so basically can't appear the harm of virus and wood horse.But because the reason for knowing to all, Anne the Zhuo system have no so safe.However as long as install our speech assistant, it will automatically become the safe protection expert of cellular phone."
The Yan flies to say:"Is dreamlike, start checking kill my cellular phone in have virus and wood horse."
Appear 1 to check to kill interface right away on the cellular phone screen, just 20 time, check to kill interface to suggest, this cellular phone have no virus, also have no wood horse plantation shutters.
The Yan flies to say:"Is each, you probably not clear I install in cellular phone of procedure and the amount of documents, but I can in brief of contrast for a while, I once used 361 degrees check to kill software to I of the cellular phone carries on virus and wood Ma Cha kill, it checks to finish killing me of the cellular phone fully used 20 hours."
Everyone pours to take a suck at cool spirit, 361 degrees check to kill original speed of software quick, but far and far get behind with the speech assistant's speed.They temporarily still don't know the speech's assistant kills ability to the virus and the wood horse's checking, but light with check to kill speed this a cake of, speech the assistant jilt an other of safe software ten avenues.
The Yan flies to say:"I can be responsible of tell everyone, our speech the assistant can check to kill the whole viruses and wood horse in the world, it just of so have never examined I the virus and the wood of inside in the cellular phone horse, just because my cellular phone is very safe, in have no virus and wood horse just."
The king always says:"The Yan flies a Sir, I feel you completely can this virus and wood Ma Cha kill function to independently come out and write another a procedure, isn't better.There is also previous that on-line translation function, I feel to also independently come out."
The Yan flies to say with smile:"Along with the progress of science and technology, the intelligence cellular phone will be more and more advanced, the function of various software will be also more and more concentrated, so can get a perfect use experience for the sake of the customer, we can't dismantle to divide their functions, but want to gather more functions to go in."
The beard always says:"The Yan flies a Sir, your speech does the assistant still have other functions?"
The Yan flies to say:"It is dreamlike, always take a clear picture for beard."
Put that shooting of cellular phone on the table to be like a start and always shine on a photograph for the beard in the crowd.Just because the surrounding person is too many, the beard always sits at in not too obvious, so this beard in the photograph always look some be partial to small.However the software that is "dreamlike" to start picture editor right away, pass to delete a flank a personnel and enlarge a total head of beard the way for being like, soon complete a beard total photograph sorting.Finally appear on the big screen of, was an always clear beard picture. Wholesale plantation shutters

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